CIce2Clouds brings together sea-ice biogeochemists and atmospheric chemists to study

the coupled ocean – sea-ice – snow – atmosphere (O-SI-S-A) system

The membership composition has been designed to spread across scientific discipline, geographical location, gender, and career stage as well as to represent countries with established and emerging polar programs.


Megan Willis, USA (Early Career Scientist), Polar aerosol formation and atmospheric chemistry

Nadja Steiner, Canada (Senior Scientist), Sea-ice & ocean biogeochemical modeling

Full members

Early Career Scientists (ECS)

Hakase Hayashida, Australia, Sea-ice & ocean biogeochemical modeling

Odile Crabeck, Belgium, Sea ice biogeochemistry and gas exchange

Senior Scientists

Markus Frey, UK, Polar atmospheric, Snow & ice core chemistry measurements

Anoop S. Mahajan, India, Polar atmospheric chemistry

Daiki Nomura, Japan, Atmosphere-sea-ice interaction for gases

Jennie Thomas, France, Polar atmospheric chemistry modeling

Liyang Zhan, China, Ocean-ice-atmosphere gas exchange

Raul R. Cordero, Chile, Remote sensing of aerosol and cloud

Associate members

Early Career Scientists (ECS)

Jessie Creamean, USA, Polar aerosol-cloud interactions, ice nucleation

Srishti Dasarathy, USA, Marine aerosol and remote sensing

Inge Deschepper, Canada/South Africa, Sea-ice ocean biogeochemical modelling

Sakiko Ishino, Japan, Atmospheric chemistry in polar regions

Louis Marelle, Norway/France, Modelling aerosol-cloud interactions in polar regions

Esty Willcox, Canada, Sea-ice interface geochemistry measurements

Hyung-Gyu Lim, USA/Korea, biogeochimacal process and climate feedback

Senior Scientists

Thorsten Bartels-Rausch, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland, Chemistry and micro-physics in ice/snow

Bruno Delille, Belgium, Ocean-ice-atmosphere gas exchange measurements

Francois Fripiat, Belgium, Sea-ice and ocean biogeochemistry measurements

Klaus Meiners, Australia, Coupled sea-ice physical-chemical-biological processes, sea-ice optics

Lisa Miller, Canada, Sea-ice chemistry measurements

Ilka Peeken, Germany, Sea-ice biogeochemistry

Jacqueline Stefels, Netherland/ Germany, Sea-ice & ocean biogeochemistry & DMS fluxes

Marcello Vichi, South Africa, Sea-ice physics and biogeochemistry

Paul Zieger, Sweden, Aerosol-cloud interactions in polar and pristine regions