Coupling of ocean-ice-atmosphere processes: from sea-Ice 

biogeochemistry to aerosols and Clouds

CIce2Clouds Mission 

Our mission is to bring the sea-ice and atmospheric communities together to resolve open questions about the impacts of the marine cryosphere on atmospheric chemistry in polar ocean environments. 


This Scientific Committee on Ocean Research (SCOR) working group focuses on addressing the following integrative questions:

Fieldwork & Laboratory Studies

This network will develop interdisciplinary campaign planning recommendations to facilitate integration of atmospheric and sea-ice biogeochemical observations and modelling during fieldwork and laboratory studies. 

We will focuses on developing these recommendations, and on developing conceptual approaches for resolving temporal and spatial discontinuities between oceanic and atmospheric observations (e.g., use of distributed ocean sampling networks, measurement of atmospheric fluxes). 

Capacity building 

CIce2Clouds aims to build a community of multidisciplinary scientists to address open science questions at the ocean - sea-ice - atmospheric  interface

An important outcome of this working group will be the opportunity for atmospheric and sea-ice biogeochemistry communities to come together to identify barriers to meaningful collaboration, and to create achievable approaches to address common goals and science questions. To facilitate knowledge transfer between these communities and training of early career scientists (ECS) in interdisciplinary science, we will develop a tutorial-style presentation materials, and a tutorial review paper, that describes fundamental concepts in sea-ice biogeochemistry and atmospheric chemistry for a broad scientific audience. To facilitate these efforts, we will hold open scientific workshops and organize a winter field school.